The Cake Is a Lie, Cinderella: A Folk Tale Gets the ‘Portal’ Treatment


On the heels of Disney’s film adaptation sweeping the world off their glass-slippered feet, a new player has entered the game. They’re a team who call themselves Potato Battery, and while a heavy-handed play on Portal fame, the anonymous developers seem to have far more original plans in mind. Their yet unnamed Cinderella video game is currently in the works thanks to a recent Tumblr leak, though there are little to no tangible details released yet—all except the fact that it will “exist in a universe similar to the Portal franchise.” What that means for the gameplay, exactly, is entirely up to fan interpretation.

Will the Fairy Godmother bring her charge a portal gun? Should we expect the illustrious Stepmother to forge an alliance with GLaDOS? Can the turrets play the role of Cinderella’s friendly animal companions? Basically, I just want to see the ballroom floor covered in Propulsion Gel while the Prince is flung into the stratosphere. It should be a thing.

This fresh take on an old folk tale will likely come in the form of a first-person puzzle platform, if all the subsequent Portal references on Tumblr are to be trusted. While they’re keeping mum on what we can expect from the developing Cinderella game, the Potato Battery team doesn’t lack for enthusiasm. They’ve dropped a few hints as to what eager fans of beloved fairytales and science alike can expect. (Spoilers: it’s not lemons, but I wouldn’t recommend making lemonade.)


When asked for comment regarding elements of Portal finding its way into Cinderella’s world, the Potato Battery team had this to say:

“We haven’t entirely nailed down what element it is yet, but I’ll tell you this: It’s a lively one, and it does NOT like the human skeleton.”

What about you? If you had the chance to adapt a classic children’s story within the framework of a video game, which ones would you pair up? Snow White meets The Walking Dead? Beauty and the Beast wired up to BioShock? Personally, I’d go with a Mulan mashup with Skyrim, except Mushu doesn’t attack Helgen, he just shows up fifteen minutes late with a Starbucks and sunglasses. Don’t look at me like that, it made perfect sense in my head. 

Drop your master plans in the comments and maybe someone with the backing power will take you up on your suggestion. Either that, or we could all pitch in and make one together. Not a bad idea, actually.


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