Are You a “Real Gamer?” How to Deal With Accusations

Sims 4

As a female gamer, I’ve had many men call me out sometimes by playing what they call “fake games.” According to some, mobile games such as Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, and Crossy Road do not fall under the “real games” category, which makes me a “fake gamer.” The strange thing is that a group of video game developers got together to create those games. Those titles and others were created using the same means Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty were. Some titles, such as Mass Effect, happen to have mobile games. So what makes mobile games fake? What makes them the lesser?

Short answer: nothing.

Unfortunately, this all stems from hatred toward women in gaming. As the gaming community grows, women are beginning to fill up forums and chat rooms. To be honest, I don’t know if men are afraid we will steal their jobs or if they’re simply acting very macho-y. I’ve seen various men play games such as Crossy Road and Candy Crush and not once have I heard another man yell at them, “You’re not a real gamer because that game isn’t a real game!” If that were the case, this article wouldn’t be necessary. What I do know is that this discrimination needs to come to an end.

If you’ve been accused of not being a “real gamer” or simply happen to find yourself being accused of such a thing one day, here are a few tips and tricks on how to handle these false assumptions.


1. Don’t feel hurt.

Doesn’t sound quite easy, does it? It’s the first thing we feel. This can be accomplished, however, simply by knowing that the person saying this is totally wrong. There is no handbook on being a gamer; no set of specific rules that dictate which games we should and should not play. Thus, you should not feel ashamed, hurt, or sad about playing indie games, mobile games, or whatever falls under this magical, non-existent category of fake games. That person is just trying to get under your skin, which brings us to the next point.

2. Don’t lash out.

While you may feel like kicking that person into next week, violence is definitely not the answer. Whether that person is right in front of you or on the other side of a screen, lashing out by insulting them will only cause more harm. They will spread the conversation you had with them and spice it up with incredulous lies that their buddies will fall for. You will just make them look like martyrs and that is exactly what they want.

3. Report that person.

If this is happening online (and it usually does), report that person to the moderator in charge of the site. It does not make you weak if you do this; quite the contrary, actually. If you report that person, they will either get banned or warned about their behavior and the moderator will keep an eye on them. That will save another unfortunate person that crosses their path. You’ll be doing everyone a favor for reporting that person.

4. There is no definition for “real games.”

Again, if there existed a “Guide to Gaming” that specifically stated rules, I would totally inform you of that. To my knowledge, there is none. We game however we wish and whatever we wish. If you want to go play Dragon’s Dogma on your Xbox 360 while I go play Sims 4 on my PC, that’s both completely fine and is the norm. We all have different ways of how we express our inner gamer. So whoever decided that there exists such categories of real and fake games, they were sorely mistaken.

There are more ways to deal with the stress that comes with discrimination. These are just a few that you can use if you unfortunately find yourself in the fray. Simply keep calm and remember that you are not fake nor wrong. You are simply doing something you enjoy, the way you want to do it. So sit back, put your feet up, get that mobile device, and play to your heart’s content. ☺


4 thoughts on “Are You a “Real Gamer?” How to Deal With Accusations

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  1. I respond depend how I feel that day, sometimes I wanna fight, but mostly I answer with “I’m not a gamer, I just like to play videogames” because I hate to consider myself a gamer (because of people who are all “fake gameerguur” reaalzz gamees” “hardcore gamee”). And also what else can they say about that? nothing. i can’t be fake about something that I say that I’m not. And also they can’t go and say “if you play games you’re a gamer” because that defeat all the “fake gamer” thing


  2. Like you I’ve been wondering about the role of women in gaming, and I have blogged about how forums can be places where you just don’t feel safe enough to say something. Great to read your tips, I think I’ve already taken them by heart by just blogging about all kinds of games, including app games. And foremost, to stay positive in my gaming!


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