Tuesday Tunes: Co-op Pop for Partners in Crime

Hyrule Warriors

In the realm of video games, cooperation with nearly anything is a requirement. From party games to first-person shooters, some sort of co-op is involved with AIs at the very least. Sometimes you find yourself surrounded by strangers yelling profanities at the opposing team over the mic system. Yikes. Most times, however, you choose who you partner up with to face the big boss or to solve the puzzle at hand. This playlist is for those people!

For the friends, lovers, or any other variety of camaraderie applicable, having someone in-game or in the real world to rely on is something very important. Whether you’re trying to rebuild Patch Land in Kirby’s Epic Yarn or you end up searching for the princess in Hyrule Warriors, give your co-op partner a pat on the back for having yours—and listen to some sweet tunes while doing it.


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