Tuesday Tunes: Rhythms for Robbing on That Big Bank Heist

Payday 2

Money, money money. It seems like these days, money can get you just about anywhere. And with the issues of minimum wage and a poor job market, among other things, the thought of robbing a bank to help pay the bills doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Except, really, it is. Don’t rob banks, kids. That’s like, really super illegal.

However, no one can stop you from hitting up a few places in the video game realm, which brings us to this weeks theme: heists. There’s nothing quite like the rush of taking the fictional money from the poor gas station attendant in Los Santos before blowing the place to the sky when the cops get on your trail in GTA V. There’s always getting out of PayDay 2‘s Benevolent Bank without a scratch, too.

Whether you’re a small-time robber who chooses to hit up the gas stations and mini marts or a professional with an eye on some diamonds, this mix is sure to get you in the mood for a good ol’ fashioned heist.


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