Tuesday Tunes: Boss Level Playlist for That Next Big Mission

Legend of Zelda: The Wind Walker

Hello, lovelies. My name is Murphy, and this will be the first playlist of many in my new little segment! I’ve always been incredibly fond of music, and I’m super excited to be bringing our awesome readers some funky new tunes. Each playlist will have some sort of video game related theme to it, whether it be game-specific or a more broad subject, such as today’s. So, on to that!

Being a college student, I often find myself settling down to play games later on at night. By this point, I’m pretty drained, but the drive to get to the next boss in The Wind Waker HD keeps me from crawling into bed. So, I compiled some of my go-to high energy songs that keep me alert and focused while I go into people’s homes and break their pots in the name of justice. But, even if you aren’t playing in the wee hours of the night, these 10 songs should motivate you no matter what time of day you take on that big mission.

What’s your go-to gaming jam when you need an adrenaline boost? Let me know!


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